Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Sougata: Testimonials

Sougata: Testimonials


Testimonials were the only thing in Orkut that miss in facebook. So decided to preserve some of them. Just to remember what people who matter said about me:

Pallami Bhattacherjee: hmmm....the great goto!! cant believe how grateful i am for greek & roman mythology....that,of all things, is wot got me n this weirdo to start talking....
goto, like everyone else, is a puzzle in his own sweet way....he can irritate u with his non stop nonsense and the very next moment make u smile with his child like innocence....he can give u the most practical advice one can ever expect but then whine like a child saying "amake keu phone kore na...keu msg kore na....amake keu bhalobashe na..."
he lives life by his own rules n knows where to "draw the line" ....doesnt take shit from people....whoever they might be!! after all ...." amra ki bhoy payi?? " beshi jhaat jalalei keliye straight dobaye!!!
there was a time when i had lost faith in friends n friendship....but now i am glad that i have managed to inculcate more sense than that thanx to people like this insane nutcase ....goto has been there when i truly needed a friend...someone i could just sit with n talk complete rubbish n forget anything else exists....well i guess we've overdone that part a bit....now we sit together the day before our sems, talk about everything n nothing... n then at the end of the day realise that we havent studied a single syllable of wot we were supposed to....
but jokes apart...goto is a true friend n an absolute sweetheart....someone up there must really like me....to have blessed me with a friend like goto....!

Bidisha Raichoudhury: How does it feel wen u r left alone..having blundered with all who matter...messed up every reason to go on..da end of even the last desire..n den a "blabbering stranger" holds ur hand n makes u come bak to life...restores ur faith in urself n in life...n makes every day another fresh reason to live...well..DAT feels gr88. He supported me wen none did…held my hand n kept me going every time I fell..so much so dat now I hold his hand every time I cross a road..just in case..!! Thank u is not da word for u…it’s a lot more dan dat…we braced an entire storm together n never let go…I confess dat it was ur strength n belief…
Its been quite some time dat we knw each other right..how quickly ur stupid tak became a part of lif...those dirty thns u say..n those intelligent solutions to my many problems...n me irritating u to see ur nose getting red..how i love doin dat..!
Hope u get da best in life..CEO or farmer or pornstar or wateva it is dat u wnt..am not even sure...
With u n for u alwaz...love n luck...!

Abhijit Bose:
"the midday in on, a scorching sun breathing fire.
leaves dry up, kills all our desire.
the wind blows, all dry and hot.
withers the moisture off your thought.

when you sit back and reflect.
the blend of colors seem so fake.
a painter in the heart wishes to cry,
wishes to grow wings and to fly.

away to the kingdom of the tried.
away to the arms of his beloved.
away to the realms of fairyland,
some place where rebels are embraced

clean little heart, cute little soul.
a kid of a kind, but a person in whole.
will give you one day the elven cloak.
to guard you from the listless folk.

blissful is the world...
open your eyes..
follow your heart....
don't live to surmise............." -jit

Shubhayu Roy
Goto, i kno him from school..i still remember the most vulerable new cummer...every body saying things at the assembly about a boy from AGChurch...talks a lot,GOTO was a whole new story...a boy who talks a lo for sure and when he does that he does that with extreme confidence but it takes one straight-eyed question to confuse him, very simple about his thoughts but very manupulative when it comes to PR. But blv me i hav really felt nyc in his presence. Works hard even on rubbish, only needs company...and a big secret about GOTO is that (n i m sure all of you wud be surprised at this..) GOTO k CHAAP KHAWAANO KHUB SHOJA!...CHAAP NITE PARLE GOTOR R KICU LAGENA!!....he is a real fun guy to be with.Thanx goto, for a lot, for making it easy to beleive in you and drink that grape juice without a second thought...proud of u bro!

Priyama Biswas : sougoto......or more appropriately goto is an amazingly strong kid with arbit thoughts, dreams n talks.....i remember when i first talkd wid him i thot him 2 b a real kid ......cnfsed one ,sumone whos nt matured enuf......bt slowly wid our lil chats ....he oftn suprised me wid his thts ...........an apt combo of intelligence, creativity n sincerity is wat he has ..........grt as a person....n evn grtr as a foodie....our friendship developed out of his raiding my lunch every other day..... n neways he possesses an amazing character of making a person feel that he is very close to him.......... cool by nature ...and also always ready to help...he hlpd me loads wid nts n stffs n hes de boy in or cls who perhaps knw maxm bout me.....i can easily share al my secrts cuz i knw he wl nvr leak dem ,no matr who hit de shit outta him......(tai to???)....hes actualy tuned into mny f my thots.....yes m really proud tht i gt a fren lke hm
so to sum all of it up..he is a gem of a person who i realli adore..!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Happy Birthday to me!! :-)

June 5th, 2009


My 20th birthday, and certainly the most special one. The one which I’d be remembering for years, and the indeed the most surprising day of my life till now.

As usual, people started calling as soon as the clocked ticked 11:59 of the 4th of June. Not only that, infact two of then, Mona, who was too sleepy to stay up after 11:30, and Tannika,who was sweet enough to save the last penny of her fone balance to call me and wish me on my birthday called before 12. So technically they are the first callers. For others who’l fight against it, Priyadarshika(One of my bestfriend) called at 12:01.Thanx to the great Vodafone STD signals that the call could not be connected! So she kept herself with a message.Again she is the first caller after 12, rather SMS-er.Next was the flow of calls and I really had a hard time in synchronizing and deciding which one to connect in a conference and which one to hang up! A joint wish in conference from Pomi(Another bestfriend!), Anindita,Jontu(A.k.a. Atanu)…That’s what they always do! Next was Priyama joining the conference followed by Samad.Me and Samad mutually wished each other.We share the same birthday! Rupsha called all the way from Bangalore, she never misses one u see…!In the meantime Bidisha called on my Aircel, which dad picked up!. then Polo! Next callers were Saumik and Madhura. Was really surprised when Sanka din’t call till 12:30.She usually does.lots of msg-es from Samata, Somdutta, Amrita, Sayantika, Udita, Ishita, Jayeeta, Ipshita, Sayantani, Sulagna, Rajaditya…I am sure I am forgetting loads.Pardon me.

Next morning…no change to it.Lots of msg-es…!Mom-Dad, Masi-mesho and all cousins called…!Then the “Payesh khaoa” ritual!Just love it.Sister brought a cake for me,she has grown up u see!So did cut that and lots of gifts!In the meantime calls…!Anyapurba, Sayam and other friends from dept!At 2 was lunchtime!Ah rice,Muger daal with macher matha, beguni, Pui sak…again with macher matha, Fish(Fish had to be there…so many mathas…so where will the fishes go?), Chicken, chutney, mishti etc etc…!After a heavy lunch I had to go somewhere.So decided to take a 15 mins break before moving. I lied down and unknowingly was suddenly asleep!I was surprised to find tht I saw Pallami in my dreams standing in my room,No no Abhijit too. Suddenly I saw Saumik too!I was woke up by something hitting me.I opened my eyes to find in utter bewilderment those ppl are “actually” there with with Bidisha, Atanu and Anindita. Later Binaek and Dhrubo joined! This was the shock of my lifetime- The biggest surprise I ever had. All these people came to my place to give me a surprise visit with a cake! For minutes I stared, plain blank “stared” at them not being able to believe the turn of things; and after I absorbed and assimilated the shock there was no looking bak.loads of adda, fun, khilli, foods (thanx to mum), photographs, cake cutting(2nd time) and Binaek smeared me inside out with the cake! It took me almost the amount of soap I use in a year to clean myself of the slimy cream and chocolate smell from all over my face.Mom arranged for loads of egg-devil(They tasted angel btw), pastries, sweets and payesh!(Which was somehow not enough for them).Suggestions came for where I should treat them came like Peter Cat, Bar-B-q, Mainland China, ITC Dublin etc etc !Time crunch, hurry of returning, heavy traffic considerations at road scaled all down to Dominos Pizza…they planned 3 large(== atleast 1050 bucks) that I detested. So later it scaled down again to rumali ruti-chili chicken at my place.(I pretty liked it).Oh…did I mention 2 Large bottles of cold-drinks and constant pressure of beer, vodka, rum, whisky etc etc all the while? Somehow mum said alcohol == bari theke baar korey debey! After a dream run of 6 hours it was time for them to leave!

Went to mashi’s place for dinner. They had their anniversary too. Sanka called at 11:20pm on june 5. She forgot coz she had Pol. Sc exams!!Payel din’t call.Can’t say dint feel bad for all of these fellows…but yeah some indeed gave me the best birthday gift…the best surprise of my life till date!(That came without Birthday Bumps).It would be really long before I forget these. J

P.S 1. For further correlations, refer to the pics.

P.S 2. I am sure I missed some names. For them I’m sorry, rectify me, pardon me and DO tell me.

P.S 3. Atanu wanted to bring a Cactus for me!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

We are the Best

Another evening I am with my laptop just after finishing a call. Another of the calls from someone with that typical "India-is-bad-and-US-is-good" attitude. sigh!
After so many years of my life,I came across a view,"We Indians are good at doing typical stereo type job,but the moment we are given something out of the way,we suck".What the hell man?Its time we learn appreciating ourselves and hmm,very importantly,loving too.We are still not free.Unfortunately we still are not used to accepting ourselves as superiors.Some people still think others are the best.Some think our course and syllabus is crap.Its I guess high time to accept that our professors,who framed the syllabus-es know at least a bit more than us.I guess we have enough licked the feet of US,its time we start thinking we are no less than them.Moreover someone told(one of the so called would be engineers)that what we study in engineering is shit.GREAT.U suck as much ur views do man...!Few of we Indians have a problem with everything here...constitution,education,institutes,security,people...everything...!How many man,how many proofs u still need to accept that we are doing the best?When will we learn to believe in ourselves?

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Ma barite khabo na...berochi...!

Pujo 2008.Another year rolled by.So many things changed,I repeat “sooo many”.Grew up quite a lot,’onek kichu sikhey gelam ei ekta bochor ey’.No more am I the same small stupid kid crying and fighting when friends do not call.

Not before Astami this year I realized pujo has come.One text in around 6 in the evening made me feel,”yes its pujo”.The message stated just a few words…”Maddox jachi,Maddox jachi...yess…! :D”.That very day in the morning I was whizzing past Golpark in a car,suddenly I looked out I could see a group standing,around 9-10 of them.A guy in a maroon Sherwani,specks,well trimmed beard at the chin,just with him was another guy,lean,thin,again with specs wearing jeans and a T-shirt,sharp chisel-cut look…The brightness in his face was noticeable.He was happy because of the girl in sky blue salwar-kameez standing just opposite to him and talking to a boy,a junior,her cousin.Oh something else was going on in another part of the group,a girl in saree….she looked so real cute,Chinese cut hair,lively eyes…… seemed so happy...Suddenly everything shook suddenly,oh no,it was the car drawing its brakes…the faces suddenly changed,everything disappeared.Every thing changed.I do not have a reason to say why that drop of tear rolled down.May be cause it was difficult to accept things changed so much.It was difficult to believe it was last year…She talks as if we were strangers. Yesternight when we were drunk,we tried to speak out…this thin guy was in his soliloquy…I caught him amidst it.He was saying,”Janis she used to be one person jar sathe kono rokom kono yaarki marar agey ekbar o chinta kortey hoyni,a raj…?she talks as if she is a stranger”.I knew what he meant,coz we met her on Nabami,at Maddox…indeed we had become strangers.

May be the last one year had been a year of losing,or else someone doesnot lose someone like Poulomi,I used to call her Polo…at tymes we jokingly said “Amar polo”.Not much days have passed when we talked any less than thrice.and now?haha…again the “strangers”.Everything sank just like the Durga-Protima on Doshomi…Its not about what went wrong?,who was wrong?,whose fault was it?…all it matters is my statement last night again in the sublime state…”I cannot afford not to talk to her”…sigh.That was again an answer to the question,”Whatz with u and polo?hmm?”Aah I guess I am being a bit too personal with myself.I believe I already made it sound too grim,though its not so.C’mon pujo…”Kolkatar Durga Pujo”!There are so many things to love about it,the dhak er awaj,Maddox er adda,hogging at fuchka,alur dum and churmur,the adda while standing in line in front of Peter Cat,though the sun and sweat were something I was hating,but again,”Y was Peter Cat called so?”helped us too pass our time.Thanx to KFC for quick food…!I love the 36-24-36…naah I guess it will look comical,36-28-36 is good enough,walking back home at 4:30 in the morning.I love the efficiency of Kolkata Police in Pujas…at least they work sometimes!The crowd in metro and pandals are fine and tolerable only during pujas…!And hey…friends?college buddies?Thanx to a real hell lot to them for making things so beautiful for me…!But still among soo many lovely things the gloom appears to be no less.I still miss the long calls at night,the evening chats,the cups of tea,the adda,the times at South City,Hiland Park,KFC…!Losing friends is bad I guess…the worse side is when u do without a fault of your own.U suffer because of someone’s presumptions,whims…haa haa…!But I guess u cannot help it at tyms.I guess getting drunk was necessary yesternight,I needed to speak up.I badly did.We were tired,its been too much for last quite sometime.Jitz I will be thankful to u all my life for that simple question…”Who is it u want the most,just 1,and the most…?”I answered just one word…which may be I won’t speak up in life…!!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Thank you for teaching me to live...

A few years back,a kid,small,stupid,dumb began his journey from obscurity to today.From nothing to something,from crowd to Sougata.Thank you all those people that taught me to live,gave me an identity,made me what I am today.

:The lean,curly haired guy,never imagined we will end upto this.I do not remember if he was there when I was happy,I am not sure if he was there always to congratulate me,but yes,he always made it a point to wipe off my tears.Someone who made me stand up,think,taught me to speak,to love,to dream.It was when I realized life is something more than academics,results.Somehow whatever he always said turned out to be unexpectedly correct and opt always.We have shared some really best moments of our life when we were way back in class XII.The best thing that we had ever is impossible because things are always best with him.His strength always amazed me,shocked me,surprised me,inspired me,kept me going...made me care for him.He was one of the rarest species of this planet to whom I ever listened.

Pds:Priyadarshika,one of my oldest best friends,since class XI.Amazingly i never had a best friend before.Someday I wish I could thank you enough for everything that u always did.The best part of our relation was that we fought,shouted at times...but again at the end of the day loved each other,cried and made it a point to care about the other.School days had been really wonderful just because of you.This lady made me realise responsibilities,taught me about life,always made it a point to make me feel special.Another thing that at times makes her special is the fact that she is the only of my friends who greets me with a hug whenever we meet.I will always remember your words,"Goto its not important how often we talk,what is important is that we should be able to pick up the conversation where we left it last time,even if we talk after ages".Thanx a lot for always making my birthdays so speciAl...!I never said her a thing,but she always knew what I needed...weird naah?!

Pallami:Ha ha...!She is crazy,mad,sick,stupid...but yeah my newest best buddy.The only
"friend" in my college who bothered to scold me when I was wrong,cared to care for me more than anything and anyone.She is ferociously protective.thank u for everything,for being so sweet to my stupidity.Despite herself going through a turmoil,an entire sea soring within her,still managed to remain calm and comfort me when I needed support,take my side despite anything I did,listening to my craps at least 5 times a day over the fone and up till 4 in the morning.I would not insult your feeling by thanx,but yeah,surely a big thanx to all those times when I went over to your place and u forced me to eat coz I didnot have lunch.Whenever I felt i am too tired,all I had to do is to turn bAck to her,may be i could not bring myself up to ask for her help,but you always understood and a smile of yours always kept me going.I will never forget an evening of my life,i was on ur bed,u sitting on the floor,smiling apparently,ur eyes moist,weeping like hell inside,yet u could not show.Thank u for making things so much better for me.

ra and Shankhamala:Madhura,you had been my junior,but one of those friends of mine whom I respected the most for the way she is.Amazingly mature,sensible,understanding and lovely.At times I used to be amazed that how can someone be soo sensible.the best part about her is she knows where not to speak what.She taught me,"Whatever u do or I do,however bad we are to the other,the bond will never break,it just cannot".Ypur last line in my farewell dairy,"Sougata da,just remember that its much better to have loved and lost than to have never loved at all".Amazing.
Shankhamala u had been one of my closest juniors in my school days.One of the people I really looked forward for.Thanx a lot for putting up with my stupidity and making
things so much easier for me.lovely...!
will always be thankful to both of you.

Saumik:The two of us resembled each other the most.same kind of thoughts,family,problems,feelings... Everything.Had been "partners of the same crime" at times.Shared life and thoughts.You had been amazing and a brilliant friend.We share same tastes,books,music,food... haha...anything.we had been stupid together,dreamt together and i know will continue doing so always.Anwarshah and last days of scul had not been half memorable without u.Pondy time,ya,we did something great.Thanx always for caring so much and being there,for scolding me whenever I was wrong and for all those philosophies.Oh btw,u had been an amazing foodie always.thanx for those after scul biriyani s and staying with me till 3.

Poulomi:May be I spent the last year talking to each other most of the times.we almost went
on talking always,utter nonsense always though.the first thing I remember when I take her name is talking till 5 in the morning.haha...!She is sensible,poetic and of course multi talented.The emotional bridge between the two stupids had always been amazing.She had been my only bestfriend who gave me a kiss whenever I needed it,kept me going always and always made it a point to pull me up through everything.Someone for whom I really bothered to change myself.I just wish things had not gone so wrong.wish so much of bitterness for each other never poisoned our love.Wish we realized,the "bond" should never break.

There are hundreds of more people in this who really made a great contribution in what i am today.Many friends whom I am proud of today.All my school buddies(sayari,tania,lebu,saptre,souro,arko,subhayu,Debjanee),college friends(payal,priyama,souvik,anya,udita,theeta,atanu),outsiders(Dipanjan,DM,Asmita,mainack da,Tuhin da,Bidisha,Namrara,choi),spanish class friends(Irani,Deblina,sreyo,Hatobeda!),orkut friends(Innumerable)...everyone.Thanx a lot for always being there and keeping me going...

Friday, May 16, 2008


After a long time...
Lonely again,I am strung and tied from all sides.Things keep on swirling.Priorities keep getting confused,as people say(I though call it redefining).Everybody around seems to have undergone a sudden metamorphosis,or did they move on too fast that I could cope up with,or it was I who drifted apart?I feel like an alien.How long can caffaine,Erich Segal,Drums,music soothe?I fear breaking down,the darker side of me.Sarcasm at times is so poisonous,that too from best buddies.Everything changes,shatteres should be the term though,so damn suddenly that there is hardly any time to react.Love now a days is also making me feel guilty.Dream and expectations kill at times.If I call this a crisis,I do not have situations to justify it,though I feel it would be an understatement.I do not know how long will it be before I live again.Let's see...

Sunday, March 23, 2008


A lady on the chair
of rotten wood
elegance in red,
the eyes with ocean depth.

The salinity of it
the photographs fading
colours of life
in the painting I see

A dancing queen
The music from the black violin
from Rome to Vienna
The doves flew

The aching jaw
had a solace in her smile
The hollow there
on the cave of dew

The waltz and wine
the sound echoing in the wall
the concert hall
the radio singing

Beauty bathed in dew
even the gods stood up,bowed
angels screamed
Sunshine it was...

The moon azure
Unable to sleep,sweating all wet
in its bed
the fox chuckled

The palace there
On the dew over the lily,white
a mark in the canvas
Hearts leaped.

Pool of life she has
The corpse blessed with a dip
holy bathe
the joy of life

the girl with the green bangle...
Ran to hug
The blood dripping

The sun ashamed
Of the shine of depthless her eyes
The skull being kicked
a corpse removed.

The wine rushing
Ganges craving for the holy water
The reflection fading
in the image of the forest

Rupsa,with footsteps of sand,
the moon in the dark purple sky,
the pearl shone
the strung harp and violin...

Friday, March 21, 2008

The Princess or the Fight?

The white sky
She lay on
The stained purple cloud,
No,her hair.

It was mid-day
The moon
It was her azure blue eyes.
Mystic magic.

The fair arms
A call
Is it a beautifully laid trap?

The veins pink
the lips
Challenging rose,blood and wine

It was a dream
or reality
The princess from the plains
a dream.

She raged the war
Oh peace
I was egoist,flat on the soil

Pursuit of love
my love
Was it what foxes chased for?

The brick red sky
She was a proud princess,facing
An Egoist

Clinging of swords
Her navel
Was it what millions died for?
The pride

Taming sacred lioness
I dropped my sword,she did hers

It was solace
Her breaths on my shoulder,a dream

Looked at the sea
Could feel the strong waves in her hugs
with closed eyes.

Clutched her tight
She caressed my hair,screamed out in pain
At last the prince...

What Readers feel...